How Long Is The Ferry From Valencia To Ibiza?

The journey time on the boat from Valencia to Ibiza might be anything between 5 and 7 hours long, depending on which ferry operator you go with. What is the total distance between the two cities of Valencia and Ibiza? A distance of roughly 112 nautical miles will be covered by the boat (approximately 208 km)

Is there a ferry from Ibiza to Valencia?

There are around 17 weekly boat connections between Ibiza and Valencia, and the journey typically takes between five and seven hours.

How long is the boat from Spain to Ibiza?

It takes around two hours and zero minutes to go from Spain to Ibiza through Ibiza, making it the most expedient route between the two countries.

How much is the ferry from Ibiza to Valencia?

Which ferry companies operate crossings between Ibiza Town and Valencia?

Ferry Daily Trips Avg. Price
Baleària 2 $62.68

How long does it take to get to Ibiza by boat?

The port of Dénia provides convenient access to the island of Ibiza for travelers.The Dénia to Ibiza route is serviced by Baleària during the entire year, providing daily ferry departures between the two islands.Because the route is handled by high-speed vessels, it only takes between two and three and a half hours to reach to Ibiza from Dénia.Ibiza may be reached by ferry at a cost of around €65 for a basic ticket.

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How long is the ferry ride from Valencia to Mallorca?

How long does it take to get from Valencia to Mallorca on the ferry? The time it takes to get from Valencia to Palma de Mallorca by boat can range anywhere from seven to nine hours, depending on the company you sail with and the route you take.

Is Valencia worth visiting in Spain?

Valencia is a city that is more romantic, glamorous, and historically significant than it is practical, contemporary, and living. Even though it boasts a bullring in the middle of the city, some gorgeous ancient buildings and squares, and hundreds of tapas bars, Valencia’s streets do not have the same level of charm and character as the streets in other Spanish towns.

What is the fastest ferry to Ibiza?

The Eleanor Roosevelt is one of the ships that can get you to Ibiza the quickest. The price of a ticket for the crossing can range anywhere from €63 to €132, based not only on the kind of ticket purchased but also on any additional services, discounts, and availability savings.

Can you get to Ibiza without flying?

Train travel to Barcelona, followed by overnight passage on a boat from Barcelona to Ibiza, is the most time-efficient alternative to flying that can be utilized to get to Ibiza.

How long is ferry from Barcelona to Ibiza?

Barcelone – Ibiza Route Information

Average travel time 9h 00min
Port of departure Avinguda Moll de Barcelona (Terminal F1 Drassanes) 08039 Barcelona, ES
Port of arrival Port of Ibiza. Dique Botafoc Ibiza, ES
Distance 287,1 Km
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How many days in Ibiza is enough?

It is recommended that you spend at least five days on the island of Ibiza in order to complete the entirety of this program while you are there. For the sake of maintaining a logical order and making the most efficient use of our driving time, we will spend at least one day exploring each region of Ibiza.

How many days do you need in Valencia?

You may get a good feel for a place if you stay there for four to five days. After you’ve seen the sites, relax on one of Valencia’s large and alluring beaches for a day or two thereafter. You can reach the convenient La Marina station on the city’s fast and reliable metro rail system. From there, it is simple to get to the many different parts of the beach, such as Playa de la Malvarossa.

Is Ibiza worth visiting?

Even if you’re done with the club scene, it’s still well worth your time to check out Ibiza.Even if you’re not much of a clubber, Ibiza is still a fantastic place to go on vacation due to the wealth of history, culture, and natural beauty that can be found there.Because there are so many other things to take pleasure in, you won’t feel obligated to stay up all night partying if that’s not your thing at all.

Can you ferry to Ibiza?

It is possible to reach the island of Ibiza from the mainland Spanish cities of Barcelona, Valencia, and Dénia by taking a boat. The boat voyage from the port of Dénia, which is the one that is located the closest to the island, takes around two hours. It is not difficult to get from Mallorca to Ibiza while you are in the Balearic Islands.

Is there a boat from Alicante to Ibiza?

There are no ferry connections that go directly from the port of Alicante to the port of Ibiza; however, you may get to Ibiza by taking a boat from the adjacent port of Dénia. There is typically one ferry crossing each day between the port of Dénia and the port of Ibiza, with the number of crossings per day often rising during the summer months.

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How far is it from mainland Spain to Ibiza?

Ibiza is located roughly 81 miles (nautical miles) away from the Spanish mainland (150km). Just 110 kilometers separate Ibiza and the port of Dénia, which is located in the municipality of Valencia.

How long is the ferry from Ibiza to Barcelona?

Details about the Ferry Routes The time it takes to travel by boat from Ibiza to Barcelona might range anywhere from 8 to 11.5 hours, depending on which company you choose to go with.

Can you get a ferry from Ibiza to Mallorca?

Ibiza and Mallorca are connected by a boat service that operates many times every day.Baleària and Trasmediterránea are the two ferry companies that are most commonly found operating along this route.It is important to keep in mind that the schedules for the ferries might shift significantly depending on the time of year.On Ferryhopper, you will be able to locate all ferry crossings to Mallorca as well as purchase your ferry ticket.

What is better Ibiza or Mallorca?

Ibiza offers better weather for a longer amount of time over the course of the year and can be enjoyed during the months that surround peak season, but if you want to spend your vacation in an area that experiences truly hot and humid Mediterranean weather, the island of Mallorca is the place to go.

How much is the ferry from Gandia to Ibiza?

If you do not have access to a vehicle, the journey from Gandia to Ibiza Town via auto ferry will take around 2 hours and 33 minutes and will cost between €35 and €340.

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